Although running your own small business can be incredibly rewarding, it is also time-consuming and challenging, especially if you look after the digital marketing side of things yourself. In today’s digital world, maintaining an online presence and using marketing technology to promote your brand, products and services is essential if your business is to remain competitive.

One of the main tools in your digital marketing armoury is your company’s website. Here are some ways in which you can keep your marketing strategy successful through utilising this invaluable medium:

Website structure

Both search engines and visitors prefer a website that is easy to navigate. Most casual web browsers want to go straight to the information or product that they want, and they are not likely to spend ages rummaging through multiple pages of miscellaneous content until they find what they want.

Make your site organised and structured so that your visitors can navigate straight to the information they want.

Publish content that people want to read

Your company website is effectively your business’ shop window. It’s where you can display your new products, advertise your services and provide online shoppers with the opportunity to buy your goods. One very effective way of drawing people to your site and making sales is through publishing valuable, interesting and relevant content.

Make sure that the articles and product reviews that you publish on your site are interesting and tailored to the market in which you operate. There’s no point in publishing blog posts that are in no way relevant to your visitors; people will simply click away and move on. Remember that the more hits that you can generate from the most popular internet search engines, the more site visitors you are likely to receive.

Keep your website regularly updated

Internet search engines track how regularly your website is updated and they also know how often you publish new content. If your site is full of out of date content, you are likely to receive fewer visitors, and those that do land are unlikely to stay to read your articles.

If you keep your content fresh, your search engine ranking will remain higher. In addition, visitors are more likely to come back to your site in order to read the new articles and reviews that you have published. Be sure to include a facility where people can leave feedback, too – everyone likes to have their say!

Encourage visitors to sign up to your site or subscribe to newsletters or to be notified of new product launches. This will automatically provide you with a list of email addresses for prospects that are interested in your products and services that you can use for your next targeted marketing campaign.

Social media

Pretty much everyone has at least one social media account, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Social media is an extremely powerful marketing tool, so make sure that your website has clearly-placed buttons that allow visitors to bookmark and share your site across their groups of friends and other industry contacts via social media.

Social media is international, so using it to market your business is essential if you want to reach the widest audience possible in the most cost-effective way.


Video and imagery allow your visitors to actually see your products or services in action in real time. This is an extremely powerful marketing tool that you can incorporate into your website relatively cheaply. A very effective strategy is to place your corporate videos on YouTube with a link direct from your website. Popular YouTube videos can go viral extremely quickly, and if you can build a following for your vids, you could also enjoy a welcome spike in sales.

In the world of modern business, digital marketing is where it’s at with regards to generating leads and sales. For more advice and information on how Denave could help your business’ digital marketing strategy, contact our helpful experts today.