When it comes to connecting with customers, digital marketing has revolutionised the opportunities businesses have to reach out and engage with their target audiences more than ever before. Whether you’re utilising email marketing, social media channels or your website, there are so many opportunities to utilise your online channels to increase your inbound sales. Whilst a key criterion of increasing your inbound sales is of course knowledge of the channels you’re using, you must also create a strategy to ensure all activity you carry out is geared towards improving this metric. Below we’ve highlighted how you can define an effective marketing strategy to improve your inbound sales.

Define your point of difference

Before you get started executing a digital marketing strategy, you need to spend the time defining exactly what it is that makes you different than your competitors, and the reasons customers should come to you. Whatever your competitive advantage is –
price, delivery, or customer service – you need to define it and then find methods of effectively communicating it. There should be specific criteria that is unique to your product or service that makes it better than your competitors. Once you can clarify your point of difference and effectively communicate it, you will see your inbound sales increase as people are attracted to your proposition, over your competition. Equally, with so many opportunities to create and share content, and so many channels to share it across, digital marketing is very much somewhere you want to stand for something.

Understand, and explain the benefit

When you’re thinking about your point of difference, you need to consider the benefits of using your product or service that your customers stand to gain. You need to define your offering from your customers’ perspective. Then you can communicate this across your digital marketing channels, highlighting the improvements your customers can expect to see once they’ve purchased from you. Finding the right language means you’ll be telling customers why they can no longer live without your product or service, and you’ll find the enquiries start coming inbound into your business.

Similarly, in selling the benefit of buying from you, you can use your offering to solve an issue your customer is having. This is a great way of highlighting to the buyer why they need your product or service, rather than purely telling them how great it is, which could be viewed simply as the company marketing itself. You’re still marketing your business, but in a way that appeals to your target customer and not in a way that feels like they are being sold to, so when the decision to buy comes it feels more authentic from the buyer.

Define your target audience

Create ideal customer personas and research where these people are active online. Which platforms do they use? Which channels do they engage with most regularly? What language do they use when relating to other businesses online? Once you have all this information, you’ll be able to better target the online sources your ideal customers are active. The greater your brand presence in these areas, the more opportunities you will have to reach out and engage with your customers, and the more likely they are to become aware of your offering.

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