If you want to generate high levels of demand for your business then you need to get creative. Your potential customer is not going to fall for cheap marketing ploys in a world where digital reigns supreme and they have access to everything at their fingertips. To generate demand you need to spark interest, collect data, encourage loyalty to your brand and continuously create interesting and effective digital marketing campaigns. The following creative demand generation ideas could be just what you need to give your business a boost.

Create a video

Video is far more engaging and is far more effective at generating interaction than still imagery. Videos do not need to be expensive or complicated, they just need to be interesting, sharp and snappy. Consider how you can convert your key company message into a video and you could experience a much greater success rate in converting interest into custom.

Offer a simple option

Offering a simple means through which to engage can be a very easy step in improving lead generation. Too many complicated choices are the enemy of interaction. Consider how you can offer less, with less confusion to generate more leads. Once you have a lead you can expand the options for the client and find the best fit for them.

Create a quiz

Creating a quiz related to your business that gives some knowledge and value back to the customer is a great way to capture contact details. Offer this free and interactive service and then add a requirement for an email address to be entered to reveal the answers. This will enable to you capture contact details and generate a continuous supply of leads.

Redress the about me page

About me or about us pages on websites very often miss their purpose. The purpose of these pages is lead generation, but often they are just dead-ends in the website. Ensure that your about page is expressing your core messages, showing your core offerings and includes a call to action to talk to you directly. Remember that your about me page should offer a defined value proposition and a call to action. Working within this framework will enable much better results from your about page.

Offer free learning

Offering potential clients access to free, high-quality learning gives you a twofold opportunity. It will allow you to capture their details, generating a lead, and it will allow you to impress them. If you can provide a customer with some information that gives them the ability to improve on their systems or allows them to see how you can help them then you will immediately generate some brand loyalty. This loyalty is invaluable in lead generation as it will prime the potential client to be receptive to your offerings.

Publish online

In the same vein as offering free online learning, publishing free materials online can also help to bring people to your business. By creating useful materials that people can access for free, or sometimes in exchange for an email address, you can generate a group of interested individuals who will come looking for you. A well-branded e-book that is interesting and useful will enable you to generate leads in people who are looking for your services.

In order to boost your lead generation through digital marketing you need to get creative and think outside of the box. Simply sending out adverts will not be enough to generate interested and engaged leads. Consider how you can capture the attention of an individual so that they are engaged before you try to sell a product.