7 08, 2018

Top tips for increasing telesales productivity that your business needs to know

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While businesses may be turning to social media, digital marketing technology and chatbots to increase their sales, it is still worth remembering that telesales can be an excellent way to increase the retail side of your business, providing it is managed effectively. Businesses may have the idea that telesales is an antiquated form of selling [...]

9 07, 2018

Demand generation strategies for new brands

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One of the biggest challenges for any new business seeking to enter and operate in a crowded market is demand generation, i.e. generating demand for that specific product and brand, over and above competitors. Put simply, demand generation can be defined as demand for a business’ services or products. This demand is most easily and [...]

21 06, 2018

Key SEO tips within B2B digital marketing for 2018

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The world of digital marketing is continuing to be as essential to modern business as it always has been. This is true for B2B marketing as most businesses operate in an increasingly digital way. The technology within digital marketing makes it far easier to track the success of your marketing efforts and interact with the [...]

6 06, 2018

5 lead generation tips for increased sales success

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There are several ways you can enhance demand generation to supercharge the sales funnel of your B2B technology business and many of these rely on increased presence on the internet. Check out the following lead generation tips for more details: 1. Quality and management of your data is critical Most businesses interact with potential clients [...]

22 05, 2018

How to increase your sales right now

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Whatever your business, whatever your market, there’s only one thing that really matters: how do you increase your team’s productivity and reach more clients every day? Below are just a few fast tips to help increase your sales right now. Constantly refine your company culture towards sales The world’s top brands are already doing the [...]

8 05, 2018

Digital marketing after GDPR

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Professionals across a wide range of industries are likely to be tired of hearing about the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into effect on May 25 2018. However, the new rules are likely to affect some industries and professional roles more profoundly, with digital marketers being particularly hard hit. In this way, [...]

20 04, 2018

4 tips to increase your social media engagement in 2018

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A huge part of any organisation's digital marketing strategy is social media. This is likely to be even more so once new GDPR laws come into play in May 2018. This could really impact how effective other forms of marketing such as email may be and make social media an ever more crucial tool to [...]

6 04, 2018

Facebook marketing strategies that work in 2018

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Facebook hasn't had the best of starts to 2018. But with more than two billion active users worldwide, in the world of digital marketing, the eponymous social network is still a key tool. But as users' online habits change, and the Facebook algorithm alters what potential customers see in their timeline, what are the best [...]

13 03, 2018

Using chatbots for sales and marketing purposes

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) have really assisted the evolution of chatbots, as they're now extremely sophisticated tools that can be used to automate a variety of business processes. AI-powered chatbots can be extremely useful for handling customer care enquiries and are also ideal to use for marketing initiatives and to push [...]